Video Animation and When You Should Use It

Using Video Animation

All tools have their use. While video animation is incredibly versatile, there are certainly times you’ll want to use in order to get the most out of it. The true benefit of video animation is that it’s only limited by the imagination. If you can think it, you can animate it.

Video Animation and Business

With that power and freedom, there’s a lot of room to play around and find the right content for your business. We could talk all day about the benefits of animation and how they can be applied, but let’s take a look at some of the key area that animation can be applied to boost your business.

When You Want To Set Yourself Apart with Animation

Whether you’re a brand-new start-up or a more established businesses looking to re-brand, animation offers a superb way to set yourself apart from the competition and make your mark. We’ve spoken about the freedom that animation affords, and this extends to style and tone.

Set Yourself Apart with Animation

Some brands opt for a more causal and humorous approach, others understated and professional. Animation video can deliver whatever experience it is you want to set and do so in a way that sticks in the minds of your audience, further building upon your brand.

When You Want To Use Animation to Connect with Audiences

Video Animation resonates with audiences. Most of us grew up with animation, and even as adults, animation powerhouses like Disney, DreamWorks, and Ghibli are loved and respected, delivering emotional storytelling masterpieces on a consistent basis.

Because storytelling is an area where animation excels, the potential to connect with viewers is abundant. A great example of an iconic brand that uses animation to engage with its audience on an emotional level is the British bank, Lloyds TSB’s animated adverts. With clever sound design and voice over, it presents a touching story that speaks to everyone’s journey through life and stays in the minds of all who see it.

Using Animation to Connect with Audiences

They’re not the only ones who have harnessed the power of animation video to great effect. Charities often rely on animation to deliver the heartfelt emotional impact necessary to get people to empathize with their cause.

The now infamous old spice commercials used a clever mixture of animation and humor to change their image from an old, outdated product to a cooler, more modern brand.

Exploring Difficult Concepts with Animated Explainer Videos

Possibly one of animation video’s biggest advantages is its ability to demonstrate almost any topic, no matter how complex or abstract. This is where the humble explainer video shines.

Animated explainer videos can be great when you’re working with a product or service that’s hard to get across with words alone. Although I don’t suggest to opt for cheap options as their low quality can hurt your brand’s reputation. Animated charts and data can be used to provide a visual representation of numbers and figures in a more appealing way. If your business deals with something more abstract, Yankee candles and their many smells for example, then animation can be a great way of representing this without the need for the product to be present.

An example of video animation for a business. This video was made for GEICO to explain the ins-and-outs of pet insurance.

With technology playing a major part in new businesses, animation offers a way to show how these innovations work in an intuitive way. Where is ‘the cloud’? How do vaccines work? What role does AI play in our future? These are topics that can be hard to explain to the layman with text or words alone. Providing an accompanying visual that breaks down these ideas in an easy-to-understand way that will help audiences buy-in to your product.

Another example of video animation. This particular video promotes a popular online escape rooms game.

As a business, animation video offers a wealth of opportunity to engage with audiences in a creative way. If you’re looking for an animation company to help your business with video animation services, click below and see how animation will give your business the creative boost that’ll take it to the next level.