What Is Redshift Render?

Battling complex projects, tight deadlines and demanding clients, calls for a little saving. Redshift Render is best known for their speed, it is Barry Allen fast.

Developed by Redshift Rendering Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Maxon, this GPU-accelerated engine ensures your projects render with lightning speed without compromising quality. Plus, they also offer an array of features and tools. From realistically accurate lighting and shading to advanced texturing and material creation, making sure your designs stand out from the rest.

This rendering engine is compatible with platforms such as Cinema 4D, 3ds Max and Maya and also major operating systems such as Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

How Useful Are Materials Packs?

Material packs help you save a huge portion of that time. You can quickly assemble a scene with high-quality readily available assets, instead of creating everything from scratch. With the right material library, it gives you a wide variety of textures and materials within arm’s reach.

They also help you maintain artistic consistency and feel across your projects, ensuring a particular project you are working on has a cohesive visual style. Every 3D animation production process can be tiring and draining but don’t worry, we are here to help you out with this curated top 8 Redshift materials pack:

1) The Pixel Lab’s Redshift C4D Material Pack

In this bundle, you get five different individual packs loaded with high-quality and visually stunning assets for you to elevate your creative projects. Each pack provides a step-by-step guide ensuring you achieve your goals easily and its easy-to-use interface makes creating a breeze.

2) Grayscalegorilla’s Everyday Material Collection

This carefully curated collection features over 350 materials that you are bound to use every day. Its drag- and-drop function makes creating easy and you can be assured the quality you are getting is the best. With a monthly subscription fee, you get access to all tutorials and material packs Grayscalegorilla has to offer.

3) Poliigon Textures

Are you scouring the internet to find a specific texture? You will most likely find it on Poliigon. With just a monthly fee, you get access to their extensive library packed with thousands of high-quality materials and textures, making it a playground for any creator.

Fabric Material for Redshift

4) C4D Center’s Redshift Essentials

This essentials pack gives you 125 carefully crafted materials from procedural node shaders to pbr texture maps. You can easily drag and drop these materials into your Redshift scenes, adding another level of efficiency and ease to your production workflow.

5) Alejandro Free Material Pack

Alejandro Magnieto is a 2D and 3D animator and designer with a huge portfolio to his name. Besides juggling freelance projects, he also creates tutorials and assets to help the design community. His free material pack has 30+ easy-to-use assets solely for Redshift.

6) Motion Squared’s Redshift Material Bundle

Everyone loves a good deal and this bundle includes 10 material packs with over 1000 materials, tutorials and even training. It is definitely a steal as you get quality and variety all in one. If you are still hesitant about this bundle, there is a free sample pack available for download.

7) Helloluxx’s Redshift Essential Materials

The process behind creating this essential pack is so detailed that you can be assured everything is versatile, easy to use and of the best quality. This collection of 62 carefully pre-build setups is an essential library for you to start building your Redshift scenes.

Subsurface material for RedShift

8) RedshiftMaterials.com Bundle

Packed with a huge library of high-quality, easy-to-use materials and tutorials, this bundle will be a lifesaver. It is meticulously crafted to ensure that you can easily adapt these assets to your project, easing your production workflow. If you don’t want to splurge on a bundle, individual material packs are also available.

Final Thoughts

Like how a better PC improves your efficiency as compared to an old slow one, getting 3D material packs is a good investment. With a powerful rendering engine such as Redshift and a library packed with materials and textures, there’s nothing stopping you from creating awesome designs.