From breathtaking live-action sequences to seamless 3D animations, high-quality video content is dominating the marketing world. With over 90% of marketers turning to video content for advertising, everyone’s trying to get in on the game. While international video production giants undoubtedly bring expertise, there’s an advantage to having that regional flair to genuinely connect with your target audience. So, for those in Scandinavia seeking a local company, this one’s for you. Searching for a video company in the Nordic countries that can transform your vision into a visual masterpiece? Here’s our curated list of the top video production companies in Scandinavia!

How We Picked These Video Companies


When on the hunt for Scandinavia’s best video production companies, we delved deep into their core technical and creative prowess. Our focus was on firms celebrated for their outstanding narrative capabilities, their knack for breaking down complex topics, and their commitment to superior video quality. These factors are pivotal in determining a video company’s ability to bring your concepts to life.


As they say, seeing is believing. With videos, you really have to verify their quality by just watching them. While many companies might tout their excellence, their actual work tells the true story. We sifted through the portfolios of numerous Nordic agencies, spotlighting those showcasing a diverse and exemplary collection of videos.


Every company naturally showcases its best side, but genuine customer feedback paints the complete picture. We reviewed client testimonials, pinpointing companies that consistently earned praise for ingenuity, professionalism, and results. This process helped us get a better picture while also identifying often underappreciated aspects like a firm’s communication efficiency and adaptability.

Top 10 Scandinavian Video Companies

1) Lumux

If we’re talking Scandinavian video production, we’ve got to talk about Lumux. From its base in Helsinki, Finland, Lumux offers agile video production, with scalability and flexibility that aligns with any brand’s go-to-market strategy. Whether you’re in need of an all-encompassing production journey or specific modular services, Lumux is poised to deliver.

Their repertoire covers both 2D and 3D animation, as well as captivating live-action videos suitable for advertising, explainer videos, product showcases, and more. With collaborations with prestigious brands such as Audi and Supercell under their belt, their reputation and skill speak for themselves. If you’re in need of a video company in the Nordic countries, Lumux is hard to beat.

2) Explainer Videoly

Since emerging in 2011, Explainer Videoly has been rising up in the global video industry, with notable projects in Scandinavia to boot. We have a broad portfolio, encompassing everything from live-action sequences to a myriad of animation styles. Whether your preference leans towards sophisticated 2D illustrations, striking motion graphics, or detailed 3D creations—be it realistic or stylized—they’re equipped to handle it.

Having garnered prestigious awards like the Motion Design Awards and Indigo Design Awards, the work truly speaks for itself. Their collaboration roster is equally impressive, featuring partnerships with industry leaders such as HP, Shell, Petronas, VISA, IATA, Pepsico, Charles River, and many more.

3) Vidflow

Nestled in the historic heart of København, Denmark, Vidflow is another name to look for in the video production sphere. Their expertise revolves around crafting high-calibre videos that don’t just engage but also powerfully convey the intended message. Being a full-service agency, Vidflow prides itself on producing premium video content tailor-made for expert brands and discerning businesses.

Their diverse portfolio covers a range of mediums — from persuasive advertising and corporate videos to insightful demo videos. With a balance of both animation and live-action, they offer versatility in their video-making. Their previous work with industry notables such as Vestiaire Collective and Preno further emphasise their reliability. With all this considered, Vidflow is a solid choice for any video production in Scandinavia.

4) Netron

In the quest for Scandinavia’s finest video production firms, Netron rises as one of the top picks. Based in Fredrikstad, Norway, this company has carved a niche in marketing and communication, making a profound impact with their specialised emphasis on film, animation, and interaction as central components of comprehensive strategies.

5) Fluid

With offices in both Los Angeles and Copenhagen, Denmark, Fluid stands out as a boutique video production entity. With years of filmmaking experience, they craft compelling content that resonates with audiences globally. Their speciality lies in documentary-style brand content — encompassing everything from the budding strategies to post-production fine-tuning, working closely with you throughout for the final piece.

Their portfolio includes commercials, brand videos, and heartfelt customer testimonials, showcasing their expertise in crafting stunning live-action visuals. Working with industry giants like Warner Bros. and NASA is another good sign that Fluid knows what they’re doing. If you’re looking for a Nordic video-making company, Fluid is one you want to call up.

6) Mediehuset København

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, Mediehuset København is another video company to be reckoned with in Scandinavia. This establishment boasts a team both dedicated and highly skilled, ready to bring visions to life. Shooting with them comes with a studio equipped with green screens, but they also offer shoots on-location.

Their expertise spans an array of formats — from commercials and compelling corporate videos to real-time live-streaming. They’re a fully live-action video production company, leveraging high-end camera equipment to ensure unparalleled quality. Their collaborations with the likes Michelin Nordic and Hill+Knowlton Strategies further attest to their video-making skills. Any Nordic company looking for video services should consider Mediehuset København.

7) Brushes With Brushes

From the scenic backdrop of Helsingborg, Sweden, Brushes with Brushes stands out in the video production industry. Their fervour for storytelling is palpable and they employ a holistic approach to their video-making, journeying from conceptualisation and strategy right through to production and distribution.

Their expertise spans both large-scale ventures and smaller projects, catering to a spectrum of brands both within Sweden and on the international stage. While they do dabble in live-action, their true skill lies in 3D animation and motion graphics, crafting vivid visuals for advertisements, product representations, corporate narratives, and beyond.

8) Avia

Situated in the heart of Oslo, Norway, Avia isn’t just your average film production company. They’re all about making awesome commercials, animations, and visual campaigns. What sets Avia apart is their innate ability to pinpoint the stories that resonate and captivate the intended audience. Their streamlined processes, which they affectionately dub as “creativity without chaos”, guarantees top-notch quality, timely deliveries, and transparent pricing.

From vivid live-action sequences to intricately detailed 2D and 3D animations and the immersive world of VR, Avia’s offerings are diverse and cutting-edge. Their work portfolio boasts collaborations with big names like Coca Cola and the WHO. If you’re seeking a seamless blend of creativity and organisation, Avia emerges as a frontrunner.

9) Visuals By Nor

Located in Gävle, Sweden, Visuals By Nor is an animation company producing gorgeous visuals for videos and beyond. With their experience in digital marketing, they possess an innate comprehension of which visual materials are the most powerful for marketing.

Their speciality is unmistakable: a masterful command over 3D animation, particularly accentuating product visualisation and dedicated product videos. Their portfolio is adorned with collaborations with industry titans like Stronggrip and Lowenpoint, further elevating their reputation. If you’re looking for captivating 3D videos, Consider going with Visuals By Nor.

10) Made in HEL

MADE IN HEL stands out among Scandinavian video producers. Nestled in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, this company promises a seamless journey from the concept stage of a video project right through to its completion. With their arsenal of high-end camera, audio, and lighting equipment, they’re geared to deliver unparalleled quality.

Past clients include both local startups and major corporations, even extending to influencers. Their forte lies in live-action video production, making videos across genres from commercials and instructional videos to event coverage and beyond. Their notable association with esteemed brands like Grohe highlights the standard of their work, and you can’t go wrong with giving them a chance.

While they are adept in crafting all types of digital content, their portfolio brims with impressive live-action pieces, as well as 2D and 3D animation. Their notable collaborations, such as those with WWF and Fresles Armeen, further underscore their prowess in video production. If you need a video made in Scandinavia, Netron’s another firm to consider.

Final Thoughts

Reading through this list, the sheer brilliance of Nordic talent becomes evident. These local powerhouses stand out due to their technical proficiency, varied portfolios, and stellar client reviews. Whatever your video concept might be, they’re equipped to make it a reality. So, for those up North (really North)  in search of a top-tier video, these are the go-to video firms to consider!

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