Corporate Video Production

Brand Stories to Inspire Your Audience

Does Your Business Need a Corporate Video?

Every business and organization has a story to tell. You can engage your audience and captivate them with your story with an aesthetically-pleasing and effective corporate video.

Corporate video doesn’t have to be monotonous. There are numerous way to tell your brand story using video, be it live action, or animated, or even a combination of both. You can also leverage the power of corporate video to boost your company’s brand image, create brand awareness and reach out to bigger audience by sharing it over your social media channels.

How to Create an Effective Corporate Video?

A corporate video, when produced in the right way can do so much for your business. You can save plenty of hours trying to explain your corporate story to your audience. With one click, viewers can learn more about your brand story and business without going through pages of text on your website.

Establish the purpose of creating a corporate video before you start planning for anything. For example, if you’re looking to show your office and facilities plus the awesome people working for your company, you can opt for live action shoot. You can consider adding motion graphics or animation into your live action video to make your video more fun to watch.

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“Sheryl and her whole team at Explainer Videoly were a pleasure to work with. Perhaps the most important part of the process is communication and through Basecamp, we always knew what Sheryl and her team were up to.

They exceeded our expectations in timing and quality of the final product, not to mention that we talked to multiple groups and their pricing was the most competitive. We will use them again and have recommended them to our colleagues and friends.”

Videos Built for Your Audience

One of the most important elements when making a corporate video is your audience. Before you decide on anything, put yourself in the shoes of those who would be watching the video. Create content that resonate with what your audience wants to see and know, while staying true to your company branding and image. A well-produced corporate video can work wonder in creating awareness and elevating your company image.


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