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Animation to Inspire

Animation isn’t only appealing to children. Thanks to the ability of animation in expressing endless visual elements, animation can be used to convey any type of messages while keeping your audience engaged and entertained at the same time.

There are many different types of animation to explore, depending on your preference and requirements. The primary types of animation are 3D and 2D animations. 3D animation has a more realistic and immersive approach, while 2D animation can be used as a great story-telling tool with beautifully crafted visuals at a price tag lower than 3D animation. It is in our passion to keep up-to-date with the latest animation styles and trends to produce the most visually appealing piece for our customers.

We Know Price Matters

Although animation is an easy-to-understand medium in delivering messages, the process involved in crafting an animated video is complex and time-consuming. Less detailed animation, such as 2D animation, typically cost less than a realistic and highly detailed 3D piece. If you’re unsure of what your budget can do for you, we can help. We deliver what we promised and we do not skimp on providing quality results for our clients.
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Kate Kolambet

Marketing Manager

“We really enjoyed working with Explainer Videoly. Each step was transparent, and the result was great. We like their unique graphic style and admire their professionalism.”

Got a Deadline?

While animated video requires a great amount of time to produce, an experienced animation team will be able to help you complete your project on time without compromising the quality of work. Typically, it takes 5 weeks to complete a 2D animated video but the final delivery is also dependent on the time taken by our customers in providing feedback and approvals on the stages of production. If you have a concern with deadline, reach out to us for advice. We will work with you in every step of the way in ensuring timely delivery and quality outcome.


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