Landing Page Video For Campaigns

Landing page is basically a web page that someone arrives or “lands” on after they click on the link of a website. Usually, it is a web page that has a single focused call-to-action, either a registration form or a button. The visitors would come across these pages after they click on a Google or Facebook Ad as an example, or a link on a Google search results page.
One of the most important elements of a landing page is that it does not have a top-bar navigation links as this would limit the options available for the visitors to be guided toward your intended call-to-action. There are two main types of landing pages, which are click-through pages, and lead-generation pages. However, landing page videos are the most essential in running a successful campaign which describes the click-through page type to be the most relevant. It is meant to sell visitors on a product, service or offer with a value proposition.

The video would contain all necessary information needed to make an informed decision, and prompt them to click a call-to-action button, which may direct them to a PayPal payment or registration page. The landing page is designed to maximize the conversion of visitors to a page or several pages towards a lead or sale. Conversion means persuading the visitors to do what you wanted them to do such as buying a product from your online store, or even call you to set up a consultation.

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The result would be a conversion to action, which is data capture where a site visitor fills in an online form to accomplish a marketing lead.

According to a study conducted by, video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. Nowadays, people get more interested in a product that is preferably promoted virtually. Creative and unique videos can connect people more easily with your brand and help them to navigate towards conversions. Landing pages can increase your conversion rate through message match, testing and accurate reporting.

A video sharing company such as YouTube is an example of how powerful a product or a service can be advertised worldwide. Nearly all kind of businesses can benefit from using videos embedded in landing pages. It can be applied to any products that you wanted to sell or market in order to increase your net profit. Any products can literally be promoted and sell online with high returns depending on the creativity of your video. The focus is to entice your online visitors with short attention span of about 8 seconds to your products. You will see a lot of examples that are very successful at utilizing landing page videos to further attract more visitors to sign up for their services via social medias such as DropBox.

If you invest a portion of your marketing expenses on production and testing on landing page followed by consecutive optimization, you can obtain a low cost per acquisition (CPA). If you continue to optimize your landing page, there will be further decrement in CPA, thus increasing the return on your marketing investment. There are other benefits in testing and optimizing your landing pages such as removing barriers to entry that prevents your customers from converting, and understanding your customers.

You will have insights on your customers’ behavioral traits and which types of messaging, imagery or information they valued the most. The videos embedded on your landing pages will further attract your visitors upon clicking your website. So the longer they stay on your site, the more familiar your brand will be recognized by them. A video on your landing page will provide more time for the visitors to view your products. They will know the benefits of your products early at hand, and your video can show how your products work.

Online videos can be interactive for the visitors in a sense of connecting them with you through visual engagements. The customers would be able to relate with you more personally to your video. To make an effective video, one would be required to think more like a customer themselves, and not just from a business-minded perspective. Show them what you can offer to help, facilitate, or solve their lifestyle problems. Outstanding consumer connection videos are those focusing on list on benefits for the visitors.

Ultimately, your customers or viewers would be able to recommend your site to more people. You would receive positive customer testimonials that could attract more visitors to your site. A potential customer would trust your current customers’ feedback more easily as compared to you. So their feedback is powerful asset to bring in more visitors to your web site. Customer testimonials can be an effective marketing tactics.

Overall, an effective landing page should be able to bring back your visitors to remember your product or your offers. If the visitors do not wish to disclose their details at the time, you may leave them contact details for their references in the future such as phone number or email. You will likely have a prospect of your visitor returning back to your site. Through millions of viewers active on social medias, it is more easy and convenient for your brand to be promoted and recognized worldwide.