The Insider’s Guide to Select the Best Custom Video Company

Custom videos can help you reach out to the right audience and spread the word about your company. The idea is to find a company that makes custom videos and works closely with them until you’re happy with the video idea. These videos come in many different shapes and sizes, and explainer videos are one of the most popular choices right now.

Explainer videos are similar to infographics, but your story is presented in a video form instead of a picture. Many companies use this type of video to inform their customers about new products, offers, etc. The best production companies take time to develop the best possible custom video they make from scratch.

They don’t use templates, so they put extra effort into the entire production, providing you with the best possible custom video you can imagine. Of course, these videos provide you with all kinds of benefits at a reasonable price (not necessarily an affordable price). Here’s a quick overview of the things you can expect from such a video and how to choose the right production company:

Style & Design (The attention to details)

There are many different production companies you can work with today, but you must choose the one whose style and design suits your business. In other words, they have to understand your needs, deliver expected results on time, and make sure that the videos are up to your standards. The entire idea of explainer videos is to represent your business.

style comparison

Illustration (on the right) by “Anastasia Vystorobskaya

Reputable production companies are always in tune with the latest industry trends, but even that is not enough when you want to choose the company. They have to have a similar style to what you’re expecting. The best way you can check that is by looking at their portfolio. Watch a few videos, and if you think that they seem like something you could work with, contact the company.

As more and more animators and illustrators reach the market, you will encounter many different video production styles. That’s good because you’ll have a broader range of styles to choose from, and your video will most likely be unique, but choosing the best producer may be a problem.

But, the most important thing is to figure out who exactly your targeted audience is. If you still don’t know it, imagine that you’re the customer and think about what information you would like to get from a video.

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

When you finally find the right production company, you should know that custom videos are costly. A one-minute video can cost up to $100.000. That means that only the most prominent companies have enough money to invest in such videos.

cost calculation video production

Illustration by “Agnieszka

The good thing is that the market is very competitive, so you’ll probably find companies that are willing to create a video for much less money (less than $10k). Those video productions are usually smaller and not very famous, but many offer premium services for just a fraction of the price. Here’s a quick overview of the process for finding such companies:

1) First, find the companies that fit your budget.
2) Then, review their portfolios and select a few videos you like.
3) Contact the company and tell them what you need.
4) Ask them for a final price.
5) Set clear expectations and make sure that they understand what you’re willing to pay for.
6) The idea is to find a production company that will offer you the best value for your money.

Experience and Expertise

Even if you find a company with hundreds of videos in their portfolio, that doesn’t mean that they have the skills you’re looking for. You will have to do some more research to make sure that they meet your needs. Different industries require different types of custom videos, so you must first make sure that your chosen company can meet the expectations.

check experience of team

Illustration by “Hurca!™

Watch their videos and see if you understand them. Did they explain things clearly, or did they just look nice? If their previous videos did explain things clearly and you found them helpful, you should contact the company. If they know how to explain things to people new to ideas, they are skilled enough to give you what you need.


Another essential factor that can tell you more about a production company than their portfolio is the awards they won over the years. If they managed to win a few important awards you’ve heard about, it’s safe to say that they know what they are doing. Be aware that many companies post fake awards to their offers, so make sure you check them out before making the final choice.

The process

1. Initial Creative Brief

The only way you can come up with a good custom video is to pinpoint your exact target audience and answer all questions they might have. That’s the most critical part of creating any type of informative content.

The production company will then ask you for more details and the specific information they need to create the video you expect. They can either hold an interview with you or give you a form you should fill out. The bottom line is that the clearer the information you provide, the better the video will be.

2. Script Writing

After you’ve provided the information, the video production company will write a detailed script according to your needs and preferences. They will probably use many technical terms, references, and so on, but that’s just a part of the process.

If you prefer, you can write the script yourself, but that’s not a good idea unless you’re experienced at writing. Professional writers have a better understanding of how things work, so they will probably do the job much better. Even professionals can take a few days to write a script. The time depends on the complexity of the video itself.

3. Character and Style Design Mockup (if it is animated)

If you’re looking for an animated custom video, you will have to choose the style and design of the characters and illustrations used in the video. The video company will give you a few examples, and when you finally find one you like, they will create new characters that fit the same style.

4. Storyboarding

The storyboarding is the most exciting part of the process, as it will give you a better idea of how the final video will look like. But instead of a video, you’ll see a few images similar to a comic book. It’s the part where the information you provided is turned into images used as a guide for the video itself.

You must review these images in detail to avoid problems in the later stages. Make everything as clear as possible, and the script will be as good as it gets.

5. Animating stage

Once your video reaches the animation stage, it’s almost done. It’s the part of the process where all of the information you’ve provided comes together to create an informative video that should give expected results. This part of the process will go as planned only if the previous stages are done correctly.

When the video is done, you will get a raw cut, and if you like it, it will go to post-production.

animating stage of production

6.Post production (Adding Background Music and Sound Effects)

Animations and explainer videos without the right sound effects won’t provide the results you expect. Post-production is a critical stage in the video creating process. Sound engineers will add sound effects that will work together to provide the best possible viewing experience.

Sometimes all you need is a catchy tune, and your video will be great. When you finally receive the finished product, and if all stages were done correctly, you will get a great custom explainer video for an affordable price.


Finding the right video production company for your business can be difficult, but if you do your homework right and put yourself in your audience’s shoes, you will get a better idea of what to look for.

Take the time to review videos and put some extra effort into providing the right information on time. Follow the entire process as closely as possible, and your custom explainer video will give you precisely what you were looking for.
By the way, we create awesome custom videos too. Feel free to check out our portfolio and get in touch with our team if you like our quality of work. Cheers!