How to Nail Your About Us Video

With the advent of the Internet, the link between consumers and businesses has expanded dramatically. Nowadays, you don’t have to scour through Yellow Pages or even leave the house to find a service or product. You can just key it into a search engine and find it, or better yet, already have ads for it sent to you by the algorithm. Consumers have a ton of information at their disposal and are surrounded by brands fighting to get their business. What that means is that it’s more important than ever to set your brand apart.

This is where ‘About Us’ videos come in.

Think of it as the digital front door to your business. It’s the first impression many will have of your brand, and as we all know, first impressions count. But what exactly should this video have to make it truly impactful? Let’s answer that question.

Why You Need an ‘About Us’ Video

Think of the Internet as a shopping district but with 10 times the density. Walking through, users are bombarded with options and flashy ads begging for a glance. And with the shortening attention spans, you really have to nail your chance to win them over. Think of an ‘About Us’ video as a window into your business. Sure, anyone can say they’re great, but showing is always more convincing than telling.

A well-crafted video not only introduces your team and values but also displays the work you’re proud of. It gives potential customers or partners a sneak peek of what you’ve achieved, making them more likely to trust and collaborate with you. And with how engaging videos are, it’s sure to make more of an impact than the traditional page of endless text and claims.

Clarity in Purpose

Before you even set up the camera or jot down a script, ask yourself: Why are you making this video? Just a general history and description of your company could do an adequate job for different types of readers, but you need precision for results. Are you reaching out to potential partners, investors, or customers? And once you’ve got their attention, what message do you want to leave them with? Note down these key points and make sure that the information you put in your video is exactly what you need them to know. This video is an opportunity to showcase who you are and what your brand stands for, what needs to be shown and how it needs to be shown will depend heavily on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Authenticity is Key

In a world of exaggeration and artificiality, realness stands out. Research has shown that consumers are starved for authenticity and human connection. So including these aspects in your ‘About Us’ video is the best way to forge a connection with your audience.

Instead of delivering a polished, rehearsed monologue, why not show the real stories behind your brand? It could be the journey of how the founders started, or perhaps testimonies from satisfied customers or employees.

Avoid a rigid script and let the genuine emotions and personalities of your team come through. Be forthcoming about your journey and how your company has grown so viewers can trust that they’re getting the full picture.

Highlighting Your Portfolio

One invaluable component often overlooked in ‘About Us’ videos is the showcase of a company’s actual body of work. It’s one thing to talk about your brand’s values, culture, and mission, but showing it is how you add that layer of credibility. One of the benefits of using a visual medium like video is that you can allow viewers to see the tangible results of your team’s work! Feature snippets of your projects as proof of your expertise.

This visual testament not only strengthens trust but also helps potential clients or partners envision how a potential collaboration can go. Remember, people believe in what they can see — so showcase your accomplishments to give them something to believe in.

High-Quality Production

There’s a reason why attire and presentation are given so much importance when discussing first impressions. There’s no better way to scare off a potential client than with a blurry video with crackling audio. While the content of your message is vital, how you present it matters significantly. Investing in clear visuals and sound not only elevates the viewer’s experience but also tells them that you care about quality.

While investing in modern equipment to make the video in-house is an option, we would recommend bringing in the professionals. With the skills and experience, as well as the equipment and software, hiring a production company is a surefire way to get it right.

Engage with a Strong Start and Keep It Concise

As we’ve mentioned, with these videos, time is of the essence. You’ve got just a few seconds to catch your viewer’s attention before they scroll away. Starting with something compelling—a striking visual, a thought-provoking question, or a witty joke—can ensure that you pique their interest to stay for the rest of the video. Tying into that, however, is the importance of brevity. Attention spans are shrinking so you need to get your message out before you lose them. Make a quick introduction, not a documentary. Trim off any unnecessary footage and make a punchy and concise ‘About Us’ video.

Incorporate Clear Branding

This video is about you, so it should unmistakably be yours. From logos to company colors and design elements, ensure that your branding shines through consistently. Beyond the visuals, it’s crucial to convey your brand values. Showcasing what services or products you offer is important, but also make sure to share the ‘why’ behind them. What values drive your operations? Why did you start this company? Make sure that comes through.

Call to Action (CTA)

Calling back to our point on the purpose of this video, this is where you nudge the viewer towards that purpose. Want them to visit your page? To follow you on social media? To comment and engage with the video? Be clear in directing them to the next step, ensuring that your call to action is both compelling and easily actionable. While they seem to just be little suggestions. CTAs have proven very effective in encouraging the follow-through.


An ‘About Us’ video is all about telling people what to expect when working with you and what you’re all about. You’ll need a blend of storytelling, authenticity, quality, and clarity to really build a connection and resonate with the viewer. As a business owner, this video is more than just a marketing tool — it’s your brand’s introduction to the world.

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