How to Find a Great Graphic Designer: Top 5 Spots in 2022

The only difference between an average and a well-done project is the professional you choose and his relative experience. The same holds for graphic design.

You cannot pick a novice and expect him to do wonders for you. Instead, you want someone with great knowledge of all the technicalities that come as part of the job and the required skills to handle them.

That being said, this article will share some of the most prominent qualities of a great graphic designer and the top 5 spots where you can find them. So let’s jump in without any ado!

Qualities of a great graphic designer

Before you go on your search to find your best pick, the following are some of the qualities you should keep on top of your checklist when hiring a graphic designer:

1.    Cross-functioning ability

A visual graphic designer has a lot on his plate to handle. And to do that effectively, he must be a cross-functional professional. This means he must have at least a basic knowledge of motion design, animation, UX, and UI to perform his job effectively.

Cross Function Illustration

In addition, working with color, typography, disclosure, and composition are also necessary and should be a major part of your selection criteria. Your graphic designer is not just a professional but the custodian of yours, or your client’s brand identity.

2.    Creativity and discipline

Graphic designing is more of an art rather than a skill. Thus, it takes immense creativity to develop something that appeals to the general audience while fully complying with the brand’s identity.

That said, having a graphic designer with a creative approach is something that doesn’t even need to be mentioned twice. However, discipline is also necessary. A designer with no respect for deadlines can be a real problem. Looking at the past client reviews will help in this regard.

3.    Experience

Working with a graphic designer who knows his job and has experience handling projects of your interest will make the workflow much more straightforward, whether in-house or freelance.

Having a good look at the portfolio will help in this regard. Remember, a great professional always has an up-to-date portfolio that corroborates the modern trends and techniques without losing its originality.

4.    Attention to detail

In a field like graphic designing, it’s the little things that separate a great graphic designer from just a good one. Great graphic designers don’t make those silly typos, and make color combinations that are downright stellar without deviating from a client’s actual demands and brand image..

When you are checking out their portfolio, take some extra minutes, research the brands they have worked with, and then return to the provided samples. See if they resonate with what the brand stands for. If yes, you’ve found yourself a perfectionist who will do the job like no one else.

Who’s better? A freelancer or in-house worker?

This depends on your preference and the number of projects you are handling. Having an in-house graphic designer is a no-brainer if you generally have a lot of work to get done. There are several reasons for this.

First, in-house graphic designers are always there to work. You can reach them, give them suggestions, and talk to them anytime you want. Plus, since they are in an exclusive contract with your company, they dedicate their attention fully to your project without losing concentration.

However, if you have a few projects and you want them to be handled to perfection, then outsourcing them to animation firms or expert freelancers is going to do wonders for you. If you go for a freelancer, just make sure to reach out to an expert professional with plenty of experience; the freelance market is cluttered with novices.

Top 5 spots to find a great graphic designer

If you’ve got the eye for identifying talent and looking for a freelancer to outsource your project, the following are some of the biggest platforms where you can find some fantastic Graphic Designers. Just make sure to narrow down your circle to only the experienced ones if you are outsourcing an important project. Hiring a novice can rip you off your hard-earned money and permanently damage your reputation!

1. Upwork

Upwork is the world’s biggest freelance marketplace and a thriving ground for professional and new freelancers from every field. If you are looking for a committed freelancer ready to settle down in a long-term working relationship, there’s a vast number of reputed specialists on the platform who’ll love to work with you.

Upwork Website UI

To hire a graphic designer on Upwork, you can either post your job, visit a freelancer’s profile to send him an invitation for an interview, or go to his project directory to check out his portfolio. A piece of advice; never look for the cheapest service providers.

2. Fiverr

The good old pal of everyone looking for professional freelancers, Fiverr is where you will find everyone, from experienced graphic designers to skilled animators and anyone in between. The best thing is that you will find professionals charging as low as $5 for graphic designing services like logos, brochures, business cards, and even branded graphics. However, the platform is more suited for one-time projects.

Fiverr Website UI

3. Design Crowd

If you are someone who’s a bit low on budget but wants decent quality graphic designing services, DesignCrowd might just be a place of your interest. Formed of a global community of generally skilled graphic designers, you can throw any project in their direction and be sure that it will be finished to the highest industry standards at a highly affordable price.

design crowd website

4. 99designs

99designs is basically a buffed-up version of DesignCrowd, with Freelancers who are a bit expensive but highly competitive. It not only allows you to find some great graphic designers but also allows you to connect with potential clients if you run an agency. The platform has more than 90 categories that encompass every service that is related to graphic designing or animation in general.

99 Designs Website

5. Dribbble

Last but not the least, if a professional graphic designer / animator is all you want, Dribbble is quite a good option. Their website is very easy to navigate and beautifully designed. One of the best features on their site is the ability to post freelance projects for Free. Yes, you can post your requirements and many talented graphic designers will see it.

Dribbble Website UI

Definitely worth your attention if you want something interesting for your brand on a budget or outsource small or medium size projects to concentrate on the bigger ones.


Thanks to the internet, connecting with professionals worldwide is no longer a problem now. All you need to do is just to figure out what you are looking for in a professional, what you want from him, and whether your budget agrees with your demands.

There are some great graphic designers who would love to take on your project and finish it off with the highest degree of professionalism. What you need to do is just to put some effort into your research and put your requirements forth in a detailed manner once you find the right fit.

And one thing more, never ever feel shy about sharing all your design concepts with the graphic designer. Chances are that he might turn them into a very engaging piece through his extensive experience in the industry, representing your brand in the best way possible.


That said, we hope this article has helped make your search easier. See you with another one, and good luck!