How To Create A Viral Video? 6 Tips To Follow

“The video has gone viral”. You must have heard such statements many times – a video going viral, haven’t you? Yes! For every entrepreneur, if you are making a video as part of your brand promotional strategy, it is important that it gets maximum views from a large audience. Every successful brand you see today has received this huge exposure through their viral videos.

Are you looking for the same? Well! Great! While none can guarantee, but there are certain ways, if followed, can help you create a video going viral.

 Connecting emotionally

Having a video successfully gone viral is like winning the internet’s share of the lottery. The first thing to consider is that it should connect with your audience emotionally. Every quality product or service has something to create an emotional impact on consumers. You have to harness that stint for driving growth.

For example Coca Cola’s marketing campaigns with emotional contents. They have popularized the modern image of Santa Claus; again taught the world to sing.

Share a story

Being a hard marketer won’t do any good for your business. If you really want to win your audience’s hearts, make sure your video content is telling a story that makes the audience tick. Avoid being overly promotional while portraying your brand’s image.

The video should be informative, clearly highlighting your purpose and business’s USP.

Do something ‘out-of-the-box’

Traditional methods of product promotion belong to the past. In today’s world, you must try out something different that is out of the ordinary standard for leaving an ever-lasting impression in the minds of the viewers.

Anything new and interesting is always acceptable to the audience.

Don’t ignore the title

Have you decided on the title of your video? Yes! It is equally important to create a viral title that will make viewers click on it.

Content has the power

It is said, “Content is king.” No matter how much effort you put on the above points, if your content is weak, no one will share it. It is ultimately the strength of your content that makes a promotional video go viral. Your content must be engaging enough to hook the viewers. Once you have an awesome video, you are ready to promote it to the right audience.

Keep the video short

Viral videos are always of short durations – usually 2 minutes maximum. You have to convey your entire message within this 2 minutes of time span and create maximum opportunity. However, make sure to reply to all the emails and tweets of your viewers – only then can you connect with your audience and convey your message effectively.

Other factors like background score, strong script, clear voiceover and interesting animation are also important for a video to go viral. However, for all these, you must hire a reputed video production company who will help you create your brand image through an effective video.