Here’s Why You Should Invest in A Proper Explainer Video for Your Business

Marketing your business online has never been easier. With the so many people logged into the internet through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. these days, business owners have unprecedented access to their customers. The only challenge now is communicating their message convincingly and with clarity.

Realizing the importance of communicating with the customers online, more businesses are sharing and uploading their messages and infomercials on social media platforms.  As companies started bombarding the internet with their messages and videos, the social media community learned to train their senses to tune out or block the information they deemed as unnecessary and regard them as mere background noise. As the internet gets flooded with cheap commercial content it gets lost in this background noise.

In other words no matter how much you spend on your online marketing campaign, it will not have any significant impact on your business performance unless you are able to rise above the background noise.

Often the most important and the most challenging part of an online promotional campaign is getting your target audience to actually view the content that you share with them. A lot of companies today are allocating a sizable budget for producing custom explainer videos for their online marketing campaign.

Here is how a custom made video can benefit your business significantly:


We live in an age of plummeting attention spans and capturing a person’s attention on the digital space is not easy.  Video making has become a craft that requires a lot creativity and imagination. Videos that are able to create curiosity in the minds of the viewer within the first 7 seconds are more likely to be viewed completely than those that do not.  In order to sustain interest it should evoke certain emotions within the viewer.  How do you accomplish this?

Humor is a great tool in such situations. By packaging your message in a humorous script, you can entertain your viewers and communicate your message to them at the same time.One of the key advantages building your message in the form of a funny story or skit is that it encourages viewers to talk amongst themselves about your product or service within their social media circles and generate a buzz that has the potential to snowball into something larger.

Short creative videos are most effective form of online marketing for businesses. It was observed that custom explainer videos were capable of boosting conversion rates by up to 150%.

Helping in developing viral content

A lot of businesses have started taking advantage of unpaid exposure gained by posting content on multiple social media platforms. Besides the cost of production there is hardly any promotional expenditure. The video is seeded in social media platforms through influencers – individuals with a large network of followers who pass it on to their respective connections. In case the video manages to capture the attention of the audience it quickly spreads across the network generating a lot of publicity for your brand at a fraction of the cost it takes to advertise on TV or print media. By using viral marketing, even small companies are able to reach millions of viewers.

However viral success is difficult to predict. It is estimated that fewer than 3% percent of the videos on YouTube receive more than 25000 views. Amateur videos uploaded on to YouTube seldom accrued more than a few thousand hits. Experts stand divided on the subject of virality – While a lot of them argue that virality is not something that can be designed and executed, there are a few firms that specialize in developing viral content.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a custom explainer video also has the added benefit of making your pages more optimized and visible to search engines. Unlike the content in your website which can be located only by search engines, videos can be made available on social media, YouTube, as well as through search engines.  The same video that is shared on Facebook or Twitter may also be found on YouTube as well as be indexed by Google or Bing.

Animation is a good idea

As you can see in the recipe, animation skips the filming processing which consumes many budget. Animation costs lesser generally. There are lots of room for creativity in the field of animation, so it is easier to be loved by almost everyone. Additionally, lots of viral videos are actually animations, such as ‘Dumb ways to die’.

Call to action

The key point of a good call to action is that making a successful video doesn’t mean you are successful. You need to let the audiences response, feedback, and fulfil your goals perfectly. Also, providing options and suggestions to the audiences in the video is one of the main items in the video.

In addition to redirecting viewers back to your website , increasing traffic and possibly sales, every time the video is shared on social media it generates back links  that lead to your website, which improve its ranking causing it to be featured more prominently on the Google results page whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword.

That is all there is to know. Go forth and invest in a killer explainer video and see your business returns double!