“What’s the entire buzz about explainer video?” “Why does my business need one?” In case you are looking out for these answers with raised eyebrows, then it is imperative that you must first know what this is. In order to take your brand image a step ahead or introduce a new promotional strategy, you must come up with something that will be more effective than your previous campaigns. This is why you must try out such videos.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos today are one of the major marketing tools that can quite drastically attract a great mass to the website of your company and increase returns. These are animated videos of short duration which are used to tell a brand story in a unique and memorable way.

The importance and efficiency of these creative audio-visuals on businesses are unknown to those people who have yet to use videos as a part of their marketing strategy. If you are one of them, discover some surprising facts that you have yet to hear of.

Facts about an explainer video:

Videos keep an ever-lasting impact

Motion pictures always have more impact on human minds than texts. A human mind is capable of processing visual image 60,000 times faster compared to texts. Hence, it can remember a video 90 to 95% times more while a text is remembered only at 10%. But when both are embedded together along with audio, this will have a greater impact on human minds. Viewers can relate more to what is being said in a video, hence conveying the message prominently in order to maximize sales.

Online videos are watched by around 80% of people

Give anyone the option between a text and a video, majority will prefer videos. This is the psychology of human mind. There is a popular consensus which says 80% of people watch complete online videos; i.e. your entire message is being reached to the viewers. Half of them are likely to turn into consumers. But for that make sure it is interesting and attention grabbing.

Explainer video can return sales

A consumer’s purchasing decision is based on his emotional connection with the product. While a video is a wonderful tool to engage a viewer, with all possibilities, explainer videos can turn them into potential customers. As per research, around 90% of people agreed, they made their purchasing decisions based on videos. That says all!

Google prefers online videos

If you have a website, you must be aware of the search engine’s preferences. Google highly prefers videos that are well optimized. That is the reason why YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. As consumers prefer watching videos, the search engine giant also places emphasis on video results.

Considering the impact internet has on our life, majority of customers are relying more on web data than physically looking for a product’s authenticity. Instead of hitting the market or rushing to your office, they come to the internet to check your products and services. This concept has changed the face of marketing and advertising industry, introducing and reinforcing this latest strategy of an explainer video.