Creating An Explainer Video? Here Are Things You Should Avoid!

Planning to create an explainer video? Well, that’s a great idea! Then you must know; out of all those people watching these short videos, 85% are more probable to purchase. The reason being, no one is eager to go through long commercials or sheets to know the features. And here, in this case, a consumer can make quick, easy and informed decision.

Now, creating an engaging content, formatting to maintain the tone and all that is involved in the production process is quite a big deal.Everything should together help your customer to confirm –“Yes!This is the right choice”.

But, while creating explainer videos, most people end up making critical mistakes that can perfectly overturn all endeavours.

What should you avoid while creating an explainer video? Let’s get started!

You are Not Clear About what You Want

Everyone knows that you want to create a video but are you clear about your purpose? It is very crucial to recognize what you want out of your efforts. If you are unsure, you would never be satisfied with the work. Ask yourself,  what you want the outcome should be? Whom you want to target?

The Message isn’t Engaging Enough

As a success ful-marketing strategy, your message has to be effective and communicative enough. It is the message that your target group first communicates to. And if that cannot engage the audience emotionally, your objective might get derailed.

Does Not have a Call to Action Tone

Call to action simply means calling your customers to act.If your message doesn’t have a call to action tone or even if it is there, it’s not strong enough to make your customers avail your products and services; you are going wrong.

Balance Between Audio and Visual

Explainer video is having the perfect balance between the audio and the visual. May be you have created an impressive visual but if the voice in it is poor with wrong English or bad pronunciation,hardly you’ll get viewers to watch, forget customers. Voice over is a major part of a video.

It’s a Long Visual

Honestly, your viewer doesn’t have that much time and patience to watch long videos. Another drawback of long videos is that they take much time to load. So, make sure to keep the explainer video short within the limited time slot.

It’s the Same Old-School Concept

Viewers don’t want same old boring story telling concept, you know. Keep it unique that would impress your audience and also convey the message in a simple manner. You can try out animated videos of high quality.

Being Everything to Everyone

That you can never be!One can never be everything to everyone; you cannot convince all. If you try doing so, you’ll lose your track and ultimately the goal. Identify which category you want on target and focus on their requirements while creating your video.

One (1) video is worth 1.8 million words. Hence, for an effective explainer video, avoid these mistakes and turn your customers into potential consumers.