A corporate video is an umbrella term that incorporates many different types of videos a business produces. The purpose of the video can be training employees, demonstrating a product, or providing a presentation to potential investors.

Moreover, the difference between a typical marketing video and a corporate video is that a corporate video is directed toward a particular audience rather than the general public. Thus, the use of each corporate video is very limited in its domain, and it can only be presented for a very specific purpose.

In this article, we will go through some of the critical elements of making a perfect corporate video and the best corporate video examples per the defined criteria.

So without any ado, let’s jump in!

So, why your business needs a corporate video?

The short and most straightforward answer would be… because a corporate video simply works. Now to how it works, there are a bunch of big reasons. Following are some of the biggest:

1. People love videos

Although the popularity of videos in the general public is quite common, recent statistics suggest that business executives are equally enthusiastic about videos. According to the reports, about 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once weekly. And among them, about 39% actually call the vendors. Not to mention the 83% of businesses that call videos a great ROI tool.

2. Google love videos

Yes! Having a video on your website improves your SEO score substantially and increases your chances of being noticed. Thus, it gets your website a lot of traffic. And if the video is excellent, you can expect some great conversions.

Google “Google Assistant” – Twitter from Aggressive on Vimeo.

3. Videos spread!

Videos get shared 12 times more than any written text available on the internet. Not surprisingly, the same is the case with corporate videos (and explainer videos in general). Not only your employees can share it easily among themselves, but also the common folk. Chances are there that your video might reach some potential clients through video-sharing platforms.

What makes a great corporate video?

Apart from being unique and recognizable through the use of company logos, color scheme, and overall brand identity integration, the following are some of the ingredients that make a great corporate video:

1. Purpose

Seems like a tiny word, no? Well, the purpose is something that is going to shape the overall approach of your video. For example, are you going to use it to gain new customers? Is it for product promotion? Or do you simply want to spread brand awareness? The strategy in each case will be completely different from the other.

2. Emotions

A video is a sort of direct interaction with your prospects. Thus, emotions are going to play a huge role in making a compelling piece. If your video is all about staunch facts and figures, the viewer will likely run away. Remember, you are talking to humans, not robots.

3. Powerful audio and video

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review found that people remember 20% of what they see and 30% of what they hear. However, the percentage goes up to 70% when both things are combined.

But for that to happen, you need your audience to watch it to the end in the first place. To ensure they do, spice up your corporate video with witty puns and refreshing music that complements its theme.

4. Feel

Your corporate video should be the face of professionalism. Where no one expects it to compete with a Hollywood movie, they certainly won’t like it if it’s a cheapskate. So invest in an excellent corporate video production company to ensure your video is highly professional, with minimum imperfections.

5. Distribution

No one will like it if no one sees it! Thus, once the production is complete, invest as much as possible in proper distribution. Share it on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, your company website, and anywhere you feel relevant to attract consumers.

5 Best corporate video examples

Now that we know the importance and major ingredients of a perfect corporate video, let’s dive into some good examples you would like to look at:

1. Dollar Shave Club- Our Blades Are F**cking Great

Loosely a corporate video and a full-fledged ad, the video broke the internet when it was first released back in 2012. As of now, the video has amassed about 27 million views!. The integration of dry humor and its relating language were what made this video a hit and made Dollar Shave Club an overnight success.

Thanks to this video, Dollar Shave Club is now a multi-billion American brand owned by Unilever. It continues to be an example of how a single video can change the course of the business world when executed to perfection.

2. Whello- Agency Introduction

The Agency Introduction video by Whello is a fine example of getting your message across without overdoing anything. Clear in its message from the beginning; the video uses pleasant music accompanied by informative and quirky visuals that engage the viewer right off the first second.

Thus, it provides not only complete information about the agency’s work ethic but also the services they provide, their mission statement, and probably everything without an overwhelming length. All in all, a good video from every angle.

3. NIBS Corporate Video’ Reflections’

Remember when we talked about emotions earlier in this article? ‘Reflections’ takes it to the next level. 2 minutes in total length, the video is filled with inspiration that appeals to every entrepreneur out there.

Moreover, the script is spot on and includes everything, from the bank’s history to the values they hold dear and all the benefits they have to offer to their potential clients.

No wonder it has been one of the most successful corporate videos from the particular organization.

4. Eagle Builders- Corporate Video

Eagle Builders’ corporate video is a mix of many things, just like the brand itself. It sheds light on various aspects of the company. For example, what they do, how long they have been in the business, and what they hold dear as a company.

Moreover, it also touches upon the brand story, which, when complemented by the captivating background music, turns it into an amazingly inspiring piece that makes the 3 minutes length a source of ultimate satisfaction.

All in all, an excellent piece!

5. David and Partner Corporate Video

Although the use of animation along with live-action is quite a ubiquitous practice in corporate videos, a completely animated corporate video is quite rare.

This corporate video for David and Partner is a good example of how animation alone is enough to convey a brand’s message without compromising overall engagement.


A corporate video is a great tool to present your business model, product, and work ethic to your potential clients and consumers. When done rightly, it can do wonders for your business.

In this article, We went through some key factors that make a good corporate video and had a look at some of the best corporate video examples to give you some inspiration.

We hope this piece has been helpful throughout!

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