Instagram is a fantastic platform with huge opportunities to grow your business. In the beginning, Instagram was known to people only as a photo-sharing application. Later, people started to share their memorable activities on Instagram and made it an engaging platform to connect with users. Within a decade, Instagram gained over one billion monthly active users. Due to this high engagement rate, business people start to show interest in Instagram to increase their popularity. On top of that, many companies use explainer videos to attract more customers and increase viewers engagement on Instagram. As producing explainer video is a big investment for a business, monitoring of ROI and how it performs becomes a necessity.

Since Instagram is a visual network, it is a perfect place for brands to stand out among the crowd with their visual identity. Understand the brand’s essentials and start promoting with an effective plan.

The below guide helps you to achieve growth in your business and monitor your brand’s consistent success.

1. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an inbuilt tool by Instagram, especially for business accounts to monitor their growth. If you are using a personal account, change it to a business account to utilize Instagram’s inbuilt features. After switching over to the business account on the settings option, you can tap into the analytics tool to track the following.

  1. The performance of your account
  2. Brand reach
  3. The engagement level for each post
  4. Follower’s activities on your business account
  5. Result of Instagram ads


Perform experiments on Instagram with various content ideas on your Instagram feed and know the engagement rate through Instagram Insights. To access the Insight tool, go to the settings option and tap the Insight button. You will find the overview section and tap it by choosing metrics. Also, view the performance of specific content over there to know the audience engagement level.

2. Engage Your Audiences Through Stories

The best feature on Instagram to engage and make your online presence is Instagram stories. Post a short video (animated or live action style) for 15 seconds that lasts on your follower’s homepage for only 24 hours. Ensure that your content is engaging to get real Instagram story views from audiences and respond to their comments immediately to maintain a good relationship with them. Instagram came up with an interesting feature to monitor your business growth and improve your audience engagement. It is the update to use filters and stickers to increase interaction. Some of the engaging stickers are,

  • Quiz Sticker – Know the opinion of your audiences on your business using this sticker, and also, you can track the result at the end of your quiz.
  • Question Sticker – The best way to engage your audience is by using a question sticker. It allows your audiences to ask questions about your business or yourself to maintain an engaging relationship with your followers.
  • Countdown Sticker – When you launch a new product or bring a new update on your business, use this sticker by setting the launching date and time to make curiosity and make your audiences stay on your page to view the update.


3. Run Ads To Notice The Performance

Instagram gives you the option to grow your brand reach among the target audiences interested in your business. As an additional option, you can also know when your ad performs peak and for which type of content it gathers more audiences. Through Instagram, you can run only paid campaigns to capture the immediate results. Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can view the cost analysis only through the ads manager.

Run your Instagram ads in three different ways:

  • Photo Ad – It is like sharing normal image content on your Instagram feed but with the sponsored option at the top right corner of your post.
  • Carousel Ad – It is the same as a photo ad but with the extra option to add multiple images with a CTA option where you can land users on your purchase page.
  • Video Ad – You can add videos for 15 seconds about your business or product and make them visit your website for further information.


4. Analytic Information Of Your Followers

According to the audience’s interest, you will have followers all over the world. But there will be no data about the city of higher engagement people. Instagram gives you the option to find the average information of your followers. To do so, follow the below steps to find your follower’s analytics.

Step 1: Go to the settings option and choose insights.

Step 2: Scroll below until you find the metric option with an overview.

Step 3: Choose the Your Audience option and select See All. You will find the overview of your follower’s growth and some valuable informations below,

  1. Get the top five locations of your followers
  2. The average age range of your total followers
  3. The gender
  4. The most active time of your audiences calculated by day and hour


The last point is the most valuable data required for you to post your content on the feed at the right time and guide you with an excellent content strategy.

5. Track The Content Performance

The essential point to improve your business is engaging your audiences with your content. Instagram also gives you the way to track the performance of your shared content. This is also viewed from your settings option, and the steps to be followed are,

  1. From the insights option on settings, scroll down to the overview analytics screen.
  2. From there, move down to the Content You Shared option and click the right arrow.
  3. It brings you all the posts you have published and shows you the metric.


As a default, it gives the metric of the content reach. If you want the metric of likes, comments, and shares for your post, you can select the option accordingly. See the performance of your post minimum from 7 days to 2 years. It helps to give the idea for your future content to get higher engagement with your audiences.

6. Know The Growth Through IGTV

IGTV feature is a long video form launched specially for business people and brands to show their product visually. It is important to know the engagement level of followers on your IGTV videos. Since IGTV is a long video, it takes effort and time to make it. So, before shooting a video, know the analytics and make accordingly to gather audiences. To see the information, follow the below steps,

  1. Like your content analysis, go to the overview analytics screen and move to the IGTV option.
  2. Next to the number of videos, click the right arrow to view all your IGTV videos.
  3. You will find the metrics of IGTV reach as a default and can choose other metric options such as likes, comments, and shares by your audiences.
  4. View the IGTV specific metrics like average video views, interaction on the particular video, and percentage of watched audiences.


The time frame to view analytics is from 7 days to two years.

7. View The Reels Analytics

Reels are an entertaining medium for users to spend their time watching short videos similar to TikTok. When you post content on Reels, ensure that it is more engaging to reach wider audiences. Instagram added an additional feature in the insights to view the metrics of your reel videos. To utilize the feature, follow the below steps.

Instagram included the reels analytics on the reach breakdown in Instagram insights. To use it, go to the Accounts reached option on the overview screen, then click on the right arrow to see the performance.

You will get the metric of how your reel videos perform compared to your regular videos from the last seven days to two years. Also, you will find the ranking of your top reels.

Final Thought

Instagram is a suitable social media platform for all types of brands to grow their business. Since users of all ages are engaging on Instagram, it is the best place to show your uniqueness with your creative skill. Follow the ideas from the above article to view your business growth using the in-built analytics tool on Instagram.


About The Author:

Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.