Possibilities are endless!

With animation, you can bring anything that you can imagine to life. In comparison to live action filming, animation allows us to make the impossible possible in a short amount of time at much lesser cost. Throughout the years we have invented, emulated and mastered many animated video styles and methods. Below is a brief list of video styles we are offer. If you have a specific style that is not listed below, contact your Account Manager at Explainer Videoly to receive a free consultation. 

This is the go-to style for most clients for three primary reasons. First of all, due to its simple nature, viewers can grasp and interpret ideas presented in this style easily. Secondly, 2D animation and whiteboard animation are the most cost effective choices. Startups tend to opt for these two types of videos mostly. The third reason concerns deadline. 2D explainer videos take lesser time to produce and can be delivered faster than any other types of styles. 

So if you are in rush to get the job done and you need it at the lowest cost possible, 2D explainer video is the way to go. 

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If you’re looking to present a complex idea or detailed product, 3D animation is the right choice as it shows a 360 degree view of an object.It is one of the most time-consuming and sophisticated approaches available for explainer videos. 3D animation is recommended for companies and large corporations with higher budgets.

We have done a handful of 3D animations for various industries in the past and the results were tremendous success.

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Whiteboard animation, also known as video scribing and animated doodling, is made popular by The Royal Society of Arts where the first 14 RSA Animate videos gained 46 million views in 2011, making its YouTube channel the number one non-profit channel in the world. Basically, whiteboard animation shows the process of a series of illustrations being drawn on a whiteboard while explaining a concept or an idea, usually accompanied by narration. It is fun to watch and the illustrations make it easier to grasp a complex idea.

Traditionally, whiteboard animation is done by actual recording of a creative story being drawn on a whiteboard. At Explainer Videoly, we create all the illustrations digitally, before compositing footage of a hand on green-screen over the illustrations. This allows us to animate some elements in the illustrations, resulting in a livelier and engaging outcome.

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Conventionally, most companies prefer to use live action filming for their corporate videos and the ideas are usually very monotonous covering subject s such as the company’s background, some facts and features. As a result, viewers don’t usually watch until the end of these videos.

It’s time to make a transition from the conventional way of storytelling to making your corporate video more inspiring or exhilarating leading to a better impact. There are multiple ways to tell a brand story creatively. We start with studying your company background and objective before we identify the best way to tell your story – either in a live action video, or an animated piece, or a mixture of both.

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Motion graphics video is eye-catching and interesting to watch, as it is made of a combination of different shapes and elements to form a whole. Motion graphics is great for explaining complicated ideas, data or processes and it appeals to a large group of audience, particularly the tech-savvy ones. 

Most B2B businesses, IT-related companies and financial corporations will pick motion graphics as their number one choice as the style is suitable for conveying information which involves data, numbers, statistic etc. Businesses and companies that want to project a professional and sophisticated image will opt for motion graphics as the style is sleek, elegant and most importantly, it does not look cartoonish.

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