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The Forgotten Truth About Explainer Video

It’s a very well known thing these days. Every business is turning to video marketing so it can attract and engage more audience and netizens. Multiple research shows user engagement on websites increases significantly when there is a video on the site. It’s no brainer as most of us do...
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Animation vs. Live Action: Which Suits Your Business Best?

When considering putting a video out there you have two main style options, broadly speaking. Both animation and live action are extremely varied fields of video production, and each have huge benefits. However, you must think carefully about which works for your business best. Here are a few pros and...
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The Rooster is Here – Happy Chinese New Year

Each year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar is assigned with one animal sign – and it happens to be a Rooster in 2017.  Apart from animal sign, each zodiac year is also associated with an element, and this year, it is the Fire Rooster. It is believed that people born...
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How to create a viral video? 6 Tips to follow

how make viral videos tips
“The video has gone viral”. You must have heard such statements many times – a video going viral, haven’t you? Yes! For every entrepreneur, if you are making a video as part of your brand promotional strategy, it is important that it gets maximum views from a large audience. Every...
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