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Put Our Creative Brains Behind Your Explainer Video

Being in the creative industry and catered to more than 100 clients, our brains are programmed with out-of-the-box thinking, so you don’t have to rack your brain for ideas. 

From concept and content development, to pre-production and post-production, our highly experienced team of copywriters,illustrators and animators know what exactly makes your audience tick to generate more buzz and awareness for your brand, leading to a better ROI. 

An Eye for Detail in Every Video Animation

Isn't that an eye for detail is the secret sauce to success? Our eyes are trained to look at the smallest and least noticeable details that others might not be able to notice, carefully finessing your explainer video to perfection in order to bring out the best result for your project or campaign.

A quality video animation is always well researched and planned where teams spend hours and days conducting research about the product in order to develop the most eye-catching and most effective solution. At Explainer Videoly, our motto is to deliver high quality results that go beyond our clients' expectations.

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Our Awesome Clients

Big brands, medium-sized companies,start-ups and even non-profits have trusted our expertise to help them deliver awesome results. We have worked with clients from a multitude of industries - you name it, we’ve got it.


Script Writing

Like footings to a building, the script is the foundation to every video commercial, whether it is an explainer video with narration or without narration. 

We kick-start the process by getting an in-depth understanding on what you want to tell, the audience that you want to reach out to and what you want them to do after watching your video. We will then develop the script with the goal to achieve the results you want. 


Character Design

We believe every brand is unique so we create illustrations from scratch for every client.

Our designers will study the direction that you’ve given, your branding materials and website before creating a few sets of characters and illustrations styles for you to choose from. 


Storyboard Development

Once you’ve agreed to the stylistic approach, we will brainstorm ideas for the storyboard based on the script. 

We will then incorporate the actual illustrations of the animation into the storyboard so you can see static images of how your video will look like from scene to scene.


Voice Over

We work with international voice-over artists, based mainly in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. We will send you a wide selection of voice-over demos to choose from, based on your preferred accent.

We have also produced videos in many foreign languages, such as French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and others. So if you’re looking to localize your video into different languages, consider it done!


Animation & Post Production

This is the last stage and most important part of the production. It is also the most time-consuming part where we bring the storyboard to life and work-out the transitions by putting together the final artwork. 

Voice-over recording, background music and sound effects will be added during post production stage.

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